Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Arachnid Story

The arachnid moved calmly. It was not scared. No fear, it was beaming loudly. The fleeting movement of its nimble limbs, the peering tiny slant eyes, the arched back, the weaving of the secreted enzymes as a yarn and a host of other extraordinary abilities made him stand out as the alpha creature of his species. Most importantly, what stood out for me - NO FEAR. Maybe, it had not known a human before this.

I tore through the left flank of the primeval web. With mild trepidation, it stared at me. Wondering what his next step should be. Any other creature who knows the wrath of man would have run for cover. Here was someone who did not even know the wrath of God. Without a moment to lose, it jumped to the periphery and started rebuilding its decapitated home.

Two days later, its new mansion was ready to be experimented upon. It lay dozing there near the center fiercely protecting its territory and keeping an eye on intruders. At the edge lay the carcass of a monster mosquito. So this was very likely his siesta time. I poured a few drops of water. The web shuddered under a few tiny droplets and many links gave way. Heartbreak. Another long stare. Contemplation. Give up or bow to man. Chooses the former and goes about another torrid round of hard work.

I was in awe. Bowed to him and gifted it two mosquitoes - which bore my blood.

Maybe, animals can fight the tyranny of man. Size doesn't matter.

PS: Pure fiction. No animals were harmed while writing this.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi...hope u r doin good.

Hmmn...very well written. A good blance of long and terse sentences - made an interesting read. Subject well explored.

Do keep writing.

Tk care n stay safe,

11:20 AM  
Blogger Tejas said...

Hey Kris,

Thanks again. Spiders are cool.

Me doing good. Hope you are doing great!


1:51 PM  

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