Friday, June 16, 2006

Micro to Macro

Let me take up the case of a few living organisms: from micro to macro

I am an amoeba. I am blobby, asexual and almost invisible to the eye. I love cutting myself into two.
I am a mosquito. I have two wings which when flapped creates a Himesh like sound. I love sucking.
I am a rat. I am always horny and plagued by a host of sewer kids to look after. I love cheese.
I am a cat. I am lazy, purr a lot and my cat-eyes are adored by every male. I love Garfield.
I am a dog. I am loyal, bark at innocuous strangers and piss near poles. I love bitches.
I am a chimpanzee. I am smart, have a Colgate set of teeth and enjoy picking hair lice. I love Bush.
I am a human. I am philosophical, fart badly and spend my entire life looking for paper notes and sex. I love to fight over Gods.
I am an elephant. I am too fat, have a trunk to wash asses and hate balancing on two legs in circuses. I love Ganesha.
I am a T-Rex. I don't know much about myself, because something hit me. I love Spielberg
I am King Kong. I am gigantic, enjoy ice-bum skating and giving a choke slam to a T-Rex. I love Ann Darrow.
I am an alien. I am omnipotent, ugly and enjoy watching The Earth News. I love being a God.


Blogger asaph said...

I was just passing by. I enjoyed this post of yours very much.

1:20 PM  

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