Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Good And The Bad

I cut my silky long locks.
The Good: I can feel the air kissing my pate.
The Bad: So now how do I woo Bipasha?

All the cats and dogs poured today like rain.
The Good: I got to devour on some delicious onion pakoras (fritters) at home.
The Bad: India's economy enters into recession mode as shopaholics stay back.

Over 50,000 dogs culled in China for rabid reasons. Another 5 lakh awaiting the same fate.
The Good: The cats are ecstatic that they won't have to live a dog's life anymore.
The Bad: For the Chinese, it means a tremendous loss of meat.

Pesticides found in soft drinks.
The Good: The Hard always reign over the Soft.
The Bad: Never thought Sachin, Aamir and Aishwariya were pests.

Half of U.S. still believes Iraq had WMD.
The Good: America is what it is due to this half.
The Bad: America is what it is due to this half.

Its raining dollars for the Indian IT sector.
The Good: More moolah for the I.T. (Income Tax) Department
The Bad: A Dollar for Service, A Penny for R&D.

Jenson Button wins the F1 Hungarian Grand Prix.
The Good: Our colonial masters can sometimes win a game they introduced to the world.
The Bad: The English media blaring all over the world about their Superman.

Paris Hilton to magazine: I am celibate.
The Good: The magazine is British.
The Bad: Tomorrow, she might influence Pamela to say she is one too.


Blogger Aneesha Pillai said...

Nice observation!!

3:24 AM  
Blogger CoNfUsEd said...

lol.. that was damn funny..

5:31 AM  

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