Monday, August 27, 2007

The Art Of Happiness

The World is just about to end. Armageddon is near. The reason is not due to a stupid directionless meteorite. Nor is due to climate change - not this early. Its just plain and simple. Not rocket science. Happiness is dying. Almost extinct. Asphyxiating to survive.

The World needs more happiness. Humans are supposed to have evolved to stay happy. And we screwed it up royally. And all that effort (alien-hours) gone in mutating to an organism of complexity O(n raised to infinity) , yet inherently simple is wasted. No wonder, the aliens show utter disdain for us - they never show up. Why would they, if their purpose to see humanity grow up as a happy fat unit continues to fail?

I am a happy lad. I gave up all the sadness, moroseness, sullenness and disappointments long time back. There was so much of it that it required a few dustbins. Am no Dalai Lama nor am I Sri Sri Ravi Shankar nor am I Deepak Chopra. They are uber cool. I am a simple lad, who believes in happiness being the nirvana of our lives. No need to search for it or to pursue it. Its within us. All that needs to be done is to read the lines below.

So get ready to hear a few fundas of mine - on how to stay happy. I'll be happy if it succeeds for you. Even if it doesn't. Even if you sue me. My 5 paisa below - considering the inflation, it will be 2 paisa tomorrow.
  1. Make someone's day: Not at all cryptic. Aim to help out someone during your 24 hours. After adding the lazy sleep - 16 hours. It can be anyone. Family, friends, boss, watchman, driver, beggar. Anyone! A smile, a word of praise or kind soothing words is all what is required.
  2. Never give up hope: When the aliens designed our world, they programmed it such that there was an "if" check for every eventuality. The perfect software! No maintenance or support needed. Which means that there is a very good chance that our lives can hit the most beautiful, happening, hep line of code we never expected to reach. Think about it! By just staying positively optimistic and working for it, those lines of code are much approachable.
  3. Crashland with a smile: The examination of our lives also includes moments where we go down and down churning in the whirpool of sadness. There's always gravity you see. It has to drag apples down. Accept it and walk on. As a compromise, stay sad for a while. But don't hypenate your life with it. Sleep over it and get your smile back.
  4. Dream and pursue: Poor animals can't dream. They begged for it. Somehow stood on two limbs for it. The birds crooned for it. It was a special gift to us humans. A long term vision that can help define what we are and what we want to be. And yet, we give it all up. Carry a not-so-secret desire and keep it flaming in your hearts till you get it. A dream or a vision gives us a simplistic map to pursue the route to eternity. Eternity is not what matters though, the process does and pursuing it will make us happy.
  5. Keep the faith: Trust humanity to do the trick. A cruel old haggard can be bought to tears by making him hear to Mozart. Why is that? Our hearts are still red - with love - even if we try to make it black. Even if we make everyone our enemies. Spread happiness to your near, dear and enemies. And stick to it. That's our faith!
  6. Love your kin and kind: Make a few friends - for life. Care for your friends and family so much so that they get exhausted with you being around. Trust me, you can expect the best birthday celebrations ever.
  7. Give back what you got: Philantrophy is pure unadulterated happiness. The dough that you earned is never truly yours if you know someone who slept hungry tonight and you didn't do anything about it.

And below are some trivial ones, which can still make you happy. All rights reserved.

  1. Become a Beatle fan: Brim your Walkman with all the possible Beatle songs. Create magic within yourself.
  2. No swearing: Some naughty perverted linguists are to be blamed for this. Stay away.
  3. Travel the world: Don't eke out your living for buying household goodies. There's so much diversity and babes...oops sorry...cultures in the world to see.
  4. Pursue a hobby: Is that too tough? It was always a hobby, so why stop it!
  5. Never say 'No Time': The most lamest excuse. We work for 10 hours. Add 2 hours of gossip. 3 hours of socialising, hobbies and commuting. We still are left with 9!

Now that you are done reading, please pursue the same. For any other issues, am always available at this blog. Stay happy!


1. The Hyderabad blasts really demonstrate how soon we are reaching the End.

2. George Orwell's 1984 is the best political literature ever written.

3. This post is the 100th one. Raises my bat to celebrate the century!

4. Life is about to change dramatically in all departments.

5. Thanks for reading this post. I enjoyed boring you.

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Blogger indicaspecies said...

Human being - is he/she better off being an an organism of complexity or simplicity? These thoughts have been running through my mind off late, and you have found it echoing in my posting of today.

Your 5-paisa worth 'fundas' on how to stay happy is priceless to me. Congratulations on your 100th post. Keep writing your beautiful thoughts. :)

1:50 PM  
Blogger CoNfUsEd said...

Hey, congrats on your century :)

You make all this sound so simple and I felt myself thinking that all of this makes perfect sense.. This is perfect food for thought especially when I thought I had a blah day :)

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very well written. I m on this path right away!!!

1:11 AM  

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