Thursday, May 07, 2009


It moves with blistering speed. Sting. The joviality cannot last long. Whack. It has been splattered. Death.

The night is calm. Blood oozes out. Won't make matters worse.

Outside, a mongrel howls. The eternal cacophony had died down, but could never be silenced. The hernia will continue within. Lowest common denominator pain.

The eyes can continue to waffle around. Nothing would act as a soporific.

The thin luminescence is thin enough. The chains are too strong though. A light strand of the foul odor enters the lungs and tries to choke the senses. Rather it was already too desensitizing.


4x7. That's all the space humanity needs. To suffer. To repent. To be brutal. To kill.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trying different genres?! Nice to read such variety on your blog. But, I think I'll take time to associate such write-ups with you, I mean aren’t the write-ups getting darker and more gruesome? Of course, it’s nice to explore and have eclectic write-ups but I don’t least I am not able to connect with them yet. In fact I read and re-read Prison but didn’t know what to say about it. Same with The Cafe Coffee Day Story.

As far as Prison is concerned, I don’t know what acted as an impediment to my senses – the vocabulary, the style, the vagueness...I don’t know. It just seemed to me as if ‘you’ve tried too hard’ on this one; that it hasn’t come naturally to you. I may be wrong, but this is what came to my mind on reading it.

Your poem Ache- I felt it to be a just a pile of gigantic words devoid of emotions.

I have keyed in too much of criticism here, hope I haven’t overdone it.? 
None the less, I am brushing up my vocab by reading your posts, so, I guess shouldn’t be complaining, right?

But seriously, haven't really found YOU in your recent posts. Please come back!

Take care and stay safe,

10:39 PM  

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