Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Everyday A's

A: You know Apocalypse is near.
B: Hell! Wasn't the pothole near? And isn't Utopia nearer?

A: Blame it on the pushy world, the veneered politicians, the engulfing materialism, the prickly egos etc.
B: Boy! Don't you dare blame Garfield! Instead, why not fight the germ of the problem?

A: Let us impose a ban.
B: DUH! You enjoy enforcing impotence? Why not give people the freedom to choose?

A: I am the best.
B: Well. Aren't you the new pest found in colas? Why not feel humility within your veins?

A: Money can buy everything.
B: Phew! Did you forget the "Mere paas Maa hai" dialogue? Why not watch less of Richie Rich and serve society?

A: That black cat just crossed us. Wait. Lets go around it.
B: Cool! Didn't know you were such a bad omen for the cat. Why not use that iota of pigeon brain and be rational?

A: Forward this to 5 friends and be lucky...
B: Ahh! Aren't you a single jerk with a stupid job profile? Why not watch DCH and feel friendship?

Here were a few of the A's that we encounter in our everyday lives. And we really need more B's to talk sense.


Blogger nikhil said...


5:54 AM  
Blogger Pri said...

reminded me of the quote "its bad luch if a black cat crosses u only if u r a RAT!!"...;p

1:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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