Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Overbridge Story

A daily ritual to head back home requires me to walk for a kilometer, take a railway overbridge to cross over to the other side and ease into an autorickshaw once I stagger over to the other side. Generally this is the time (around 10ish) when I catch up with my buddies on my Nokia.

Overbridge Night 1: I took that final step and moved past the hawkers. And not surprisingly, I was smiling (as always) the reason being a funny incident narrated by a pal through the airwaves. In a flash, I saw her. The first thing that struck me were her beautiful eyes. She was wearing a maroon-yellow salwar - more importantly, it was so elegantly worn that it made her look like a fairy. I forgot the anecdote narrated from the other side and I just ogled at her as she passed me in a flicker of a second. Of course, she gave me a flicker-of-a second look. Soon, I came out my reverie, cursed myself and steered along. Back to the smile and the silly jokes.

Overbridge Night 2: I was pondering over a technical issue this time. And to my horror (or my delight), I saw yesterday's eyes again. This time, she was in a silky green apparel - straight out of some God forsaken Paradise. Of course, I ogled at her and she gave a I've seen this guy before look, which lasted for more than a second. It got over too soon as we ambled past each other. I spent a momentary second looking at my watch. The time.

Overbridge Night 3: A really hard day at work saw me hurrying up the steps of the overbridge - damn hungry you see. The first instinct was to peer over the bridge horizon to find a known stranger. Alas. Traversed the bridge and was just about to alight on the first step, when my revelation was seen boarding the first step. Oh my God! Time stood still. Our steps matched; me downstairs, she upstairs. Our eyes met; mine black, her's mascara laden brown for some really good amount of time. She couldn't hide her smile; a faint one appeared on mine. We crossed each other. This time, I looked back and so did she. Time started ticking again. Yeah. Oh my God!

Overbridge Night 4: A Friday when am generally in my best, cool, funky look. I was on the phone and I told my pal at the other end to hold on for a while. I was literally scanning the passer-bys and my watch. Slowly and cautiously, I passed the first set of hawkers and looked over again. Damn! Have to see her today. Lo and behold - my prayers always seemed to be answered - I see her from a distance in a beautiful ensembled tanktop and jeans. I had decided to really flash my smile today, expected the same, take my first baby steps in the world of girlfriends and eventually ask her out. In a flicker of a second, I see her smile at me and move her arms across the waist of someone I didn't know. He was tall, ragged (not rugged), scarred, wearing an ill-fitting shirt, torn jeans and a bandanna. As we crossed, I didn't look back again. Damn! Hope I never see her again

Most of the story is fiction, except for a few facts

Yeah. Nice guys finish last!

Of course, I'd prefer to remain nice.



Blogger anup.777 said...

hmmm ... does this only happen to us guys? .. lolz ... been there, buddy!!! :)

well written as always, dude!!!

12:10 AM  
Blogger priya said...

Thaz funny and missed your shot of getting something. Hmm still look for it and you never know. Some can be fading onlyw ith dreams, but others reamin at heart.

10:45 AM  
Blogger The Individualist said...

lol well written. Pragmatic and effectively dealt with.
And a wonderful one liner to sum it up with. :p
'Nice guys finish last!'

12:04 PM  
Blogger priyanka's said...

hey mr. nice guy,
cool story..
but i dont buy the most fiction and few facts line...
hehehe ;-)

6:23 AM  
Blogger Marw said...

nice one dude :)

9:26 AM  
Blogger White Forest said...

nice read!!

3:47 PM  

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