Friday, September 22, 2006

Dumb and Dumber

Dumb: I am working on creating a new religion. Yeah baby yeah.

Dumber: Ohh really! I love this. How do you go about this?

Dumb: My dumb brain suggests me to start off with writing a book.

Dumber: Woaah! A book. I hate books. I love comics.

Dumb: Dude, don't you worry! This book is never to be read.

Dumber: So then, is this a book with lotsa pictures? I love pictures. Make it a fat book of pictures.

Dumb: No dear. It will of course be a fat book. But with no pictures. Only good things.

Dumber: You mean good things like burgers, pizzas, icecreams, cars, women, money?

Dumb: Uhhh...yeah...sorta. All this comes in the end. Before that, the readers have to follow the steps, I suggest in the book.

Dumber: This is confusing. How do I get all those good things, without reading the fat book?

Dumb: Ahha! You need not do anything. After the book is over, I will enlist a few people who will give you an understanding of the book. I call them preachers.

Dumber: P-R-E-A-C-H-E-R. Is this spelling correct? One more thing. Are these preachers nice?

Dumb: Yeah buddy, the spelling's fine. These preachers will be very nice to everyone and know what, they will try and convert everyone around to pray to our God.

Dumber: WE have our own God! That is way too cool. What does HE do and where is HE?

Dumb: Super cool! But dear, HE actually doesn't exist. All we will be doing is to write super good stuff about this God, so that people believe in HIM

Dumber: If HE doesn't exist, then why this new GOD? We already have a FEW around.

Dumb: Power, my friend, POWER. The whole world loves God. And once people start loving our GOD, we can influence them through the preachers. We will have the power.

Dumber: Ahha! I am getting the whole thing now. But what about the miracles, the Gods are known to do.

Dumb: Magic. My preachers will take care of that. Generally, we won't have to worry much about that. You just talk about God and people will follow you.

Dumber: Interesting! Can you do a favor for me? Please accept my suggestion for our God's name.

Dumb: Sure! Shoot.

Dumber: Thanks. I have always loved Popeye. Is that name fine?

Dumb: Uhhhoh. Will think about it.

Dumber: You rock man! I never knew you were this dumb. I love religion and God.

Dumb: So do I, dear. So do I.

Found this vitriolic? My apologies to all those theists, who are reading this (coz am not one). This influenced me to post.

The world ain't a Truman Show. No one's watching you. Even if you kill each other in the name of HIM.


Blogger CoNfUsEd said...

way to go! sexy.. loved it

PS: I'm theist

2:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow..that was nice way of capsulating the undue importance given to religion and theists believe in GOD and not in crooks who xploit people under the pretects of religion !!!

8:01 PM  
Blogger priyanka's said...

Gr8 one...
Ur writing is so live tht it cuts the message across!!
Keep writing more and more!!!

8:14 AM  

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