Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Country House Story - Part II

A strong recommendation to read the next post first, this being a sequel. Unless you are as confused as I am.

Scene 1, later that night:
Mr. Myers grappled with the candle and clumsily lighted it. The dim glow lit up the room in an aural manner and he headed straight for the staircase. As his thin legs disturbed the void silence with its light impact on the floor, many faces stared at him viciously. The huge murals on the walls with their aristocratic history behind them didn't particularly enjoy this intrusion and their discontent was evident. It didn't last eternally - in an instant, the glow of light vanished onto the upper floor to disturb the other lazy noblemen.

The echo of steps seemed to follow Mr. Myers to a room on the left. He reached the landing in front of the room's door and recited a small prayer. A prayer he is used to mumbling everyday considering the toll the War has taken on his family and friends.

Mr. Myers swung the door knob. In the orange glow of the room, he could make out his 25 year sister. Mary, the critically deranged haggard blonde of his remained immobile in bed. He moved past the window and headed for her.

So peaceful when asleep, he thought.

He nursed his hands over her forehead and gave a small peck. The last time he had seen her she had been wailing. So egregiously, that he had instructed Jane to lock her up until she gave up.

And where'd my loyal servant be? Strange! I expected her 'ere, thought Mr. Myers.

He reached over to the nearby table to pick the three pronged candles. A thin sweat percolated his brow and bloomed in the light. He walked over to the dark remote corner of the room, where Jane had her makeshift bed.

Jane, where art thou? he called.

In a flash, he could see a being soiled up in red all over. Blood. Totally flabbergasted, he bent over to see who it was.

Jane! Holy God.

In a flash, a huge serrated knife plunged into his soul. Not once, but continued atrociously. In the dim candlelit glow, Mr. Myers could feel his life growing dimmer. Though, not before he caught the final glimpse of his beautiful sister's hair soiled to red. And her undying urge to kill.

Back in his carriage, Jack Mason still appeared hellbent scared over the scary human-like form he had just seen in the window - and its murderous clutching of a dagger.

Scene 2, later that night:
The old nobleman welcomed the Bishop and graciously thanked his visitor. He accepted Father Benny's jacket and hat and placed them on the wooden wardrobe near the door. While doing so, he turned on the room switch.

The entire room bathed in chandelier lights gave the room a complete Orwellien look. It seemed to the Bishop as if he was transported back in time. The wonderful paintings lent that extra bit of history. The gentlemen and women on them however didn't seem very friendly.

My son, is it true from what you have told me. The lady and the terrible misfortune that has befallen her

Yes Father, I couldn't save my dearest from the terrible fate of things. The urgency of the situation demanded someone like you to be here. You shall see it for yourself. Please follow me, Father.

Suddenly, a huge shriek beamed the air.

Oh my Lord, that is my wife's voice. Fiona.

With that, he hurried over to the steps shouting "Fiona, are you fine?". The Bishop desperately tried to keep up with him. At the top landing on the first floor, the nobleman hurried over to the left and entered the room at the end of the alley. The Bishop huffing and puffing a few seconds later entered the room and an emotion of disbelief hit him.

A teenaged girl lay handcuffed to the bed. She was violently being jerked and flung in the air. Her eyes were red crimson and her body fluids were blown everywhere. An ugly stench enveloped the room.

On the floor of the room lay a middle aged woman sobbing gently. The nobleman had her in his arms.

Father Benny immediately removed the Holy Cross and his Gothic scriptures from his bag. He discreetly asked the nobleman and his wife to leave the room.

In the presence of the two beings alone, the whole room shuddered in the orange glow. The violent breathing of the girl and the peaceful serenity of the Father catalysed the eerie atmosphere. Father Benny read out a long passage from his scripture and pointed the Cross at the girl's eyes.

Hallelujah! Praise be to the Lord! Tell me who you are and what intentions do you have.

The bed thundered from below. The girl in a raspy voice boomed "Revenge" over the repeated thunder.

Go away, Praise be to the Lord! There is no one here.

Suddenly, it all became silent. It remained so for a few minutes.

Father Benny moved to the bed and examined the sweet innocent thing that now lay on it. He nursed the girl's forehead. Untying her from the handcuffs, he covered her with a blanket. As he left the bed, a strange feeling enveloped him.

The nobleman, overstruck with grief, had accompanied Fiona to her room and put her to sleep. Returning back, he was perturbed with the sudden silence inside his daughter's room and decided to check on the Father. What he was greeted with would remain forever etched in his mind.

The Bishop was on the floor, his eyes vermin-like green and letting out a high woman-like shriek. Over him lay his daughter with a Cross in her hand plunging it into the Bishop's heart hollering Revenge in a man-like voice.

Back in his minivan, Pathan Khan was still ravaged by the shriek he had heard at the countryhouse - so ugly, so other-worldly.



Blogger priya said...

You freaked me out.

9:16 AM  
Blogger anup.777 said...

Just read both parts ... very gripping! ... nice ... :)

is there a Part 3?

Keep up the gud work!

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