Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Boast of Quietness

Here's a poem by Jorge Luis Borges, an Argentinian writer. The "Inheritance of Loss" starts off with this. I couldn't turn to the next page.
The Boast of Quietness

Writings of light assault the darkness, more prodigious than meteors.
The tall unknowable city takes over the countryside.
Sure of my life and death, I observe the ambitious and would like to
understand them.
Their day is greedy as a lariat in the air.
Their night is a rest from the rage within steel, quick to attack.
They speak of humanity.
My humanity is in feeling we are all voices of that same poverty.
They speak of homeland.
My homeland is the rhythm of a guitar, a few portraits, an old sword,
the willow grove’s visible prayer as evening falls.
Time is living me.
More silent than my shadow, I pass through the loftily covetous multitude.
They are indispensable, singular, worthy of tomorrow.
My name is someone and anyone.
I walk slowly, like one who comes from so far away he doesn’t expect to arrive

Am astounded. Yeah. Time is living me.

As an aside, here's a quote by Albert Einstein, which really really made me laugh

Some men spend a lifetime in an attempt to comprehend the complexities of women. Others pre-occupy themselves with somewhat simpler tasks, such as understanding the theory of relativity.


Saturday, March 17, 2007

The March Return


Back after quite a while. The accelerator's been pushed too hard and the brake just fails to respond. Before crashing and burning myself up badly, I discovered on a Saturday morning that I haven't been really committed to my life partner - this blog. So with due apologies, I hereby embark on another beautiful journey with it.

As always weird things have been happening all around me. Or maybe am weird. Updates:

1. Been a rollercoaster ride the last 3-4 weeks. Lots of ups, ups with lots of twisting and excruciating churnings of the soul. A crash too. New experiences added the extra zing. Yeah...I adore the sine wave called life.

2. Work somehow gets appreciated. Somehow I get the feeling, its all been fixed.

3. They: "I believe you are capable of doing this. So can you please..."
Me: "Uhhh...well...yeah"

4. Paradox. Irony. Oddity. But the dream remains. First steps taken.

5. The Last King of Scotland is memorable in parts, The Departed is f***ing stupendous and 300 is bloody, gory, grossly aesthetic.

6. Experienced the most surreal sunrise ever from Taramati Peak. Not to forget the fleetingly orgasmic sunset at Konkan Kada. A thrilling shivering night in a cave.

7. Muscles finally seem to be responding.

8. Hair's long enough to irk Mom.

9. A Hundred Years of Solitude conquered. Thank you Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Kiran Desai's Inheritance of Loss and Wodehouse's Imperial Blandings waiting to be devoured. But first, Ms. Rowling.

10. Still single? Yeah. Forever? Maybe. Do I care? No.