Saturday, May 26, 2007

An Year Old

Been on a sabbatical. An untoward glance at the date and time suggests that am in time to celebrate my belated first 365-day hodge-podge here. Join me in celebrating with a special Grammy award winning composition (in Eastman color) :

Happy birthday to you
laala laa laa la la
Happy birthday to you
laaala laaa laaa laa laa
Happy birthday my dear blog
laaaaala laaaa laaaa laa laa laa
Happy birthday to you
laala laa laa la la

**Claps and eats the cake himself (selfish, eh?)**

^ ^

Been quite a wonderful journey!


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Soul Cousins

Heaving all around thou and cherubic smiles wide
Clasping tiny nuggets of silly tantrums aside
They come cheering and poaching
To be hurled high and dry

Splash of drops borne with glee and mystery
Innocence written all over their pages of history
The sense of belonging never shies away
When they love to blast you all the way

Such moments are rare to find
Tiny pearls clinging to you
Happiness reigns supreme
Right now and forever

Dedicated to my cousins with whom I had a wonderful time at a water park this week.