Saturday, September 29, 2007

September's Diary

I am in a deep dilemma. Quandary of sorts. Its hurting my head at this specific place. Ummm...after move aside my grey hair at 10 latitude and 45 longitude of my sick head, move an inch towards the left. That's the place. That's where this dilemma is perplexed if it should take the right branch or the left one.

It about deciding whether Bangalore could eclipse my hometown Mumbai as THE favorite city in the world. It is a tough one because despite its shortcomings, my heart is with the latter. And I only feel it when am away from home. I always thought I could never stay there for long, but its pull is stronger than gravity. So much so that I even dedicated my thesis to this lovely city.

But Bangalore has slowly risen to the challenge. Its been a month that I have been here and apart from a few irritants, it has caught my fancy. Its growing on me. The weather is not as stolid as Mumbai's. And the greenery makes me go green with envy. Overall, as I almost near my first month birthday here - its been pure oxygenated pleasure.

Another huge reason is my current job. I am part of a start-up comprising 3 people and we are already the BEST company to work for in the world. Pun intended. We have
- Creativity blooming every hour. I have the most abstruse ideas, but it is still added to the specs. There is just so much passion to innovate and learn.
- Brainstorming. Everyday, a new idea is followed by moments of brainstorming to make it perfect. Time stops, because it goes onto the wee hours. The whiteboard bears the brunt.
- The perfect team. Three guys who have no egos to rule over others.
- Mandatory gym membership. Health should never be undermined.
- Music classes. Violin...aah.
- Friday Night movies. Gives me the chance to carry on with my hobby of foreign cinema. The two landmarks witnessed - the German "Wings of Desire" and the French "Amelie". Am so in love with Amelie, since watching it.
- Tryst with a good Cook. He does cook really well.
- A homely office. There is no lobby and no attractive glass facade. It is a sweet residence converted into a workplace.
- Bean bags. The best rest for my lazy bums.
and lots lots more...

I have been a happy lad. And it has further gone up by notches being here. Its somewhere close to Pluto now. Cannot be seen by telescopes. I cannot ask for more.

A snapshot of my home/office here. It is in black and white currently. Once we become popular, the Eastman shades will smudge them. And the day we are big, the 1600 million colors will be "holi"ised over them.

Life 3.0 has begun like a dream.

Guess I have boasted enough. Or is my happiness cackling?

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Wishes Of A Lifetime

I have been tagged. Not as a criminal. As a blogger whose stimulating avatar needs to be careened into words. By a fellow blogger Annie, who will have to undergo the misfortune of reading a cathartic and vitriolic post. Serves her right for victimizing innocent bloggers.

Its the first tag that has been affixed on this blog's soul. And it asks me all the wishes that I want to get fulfilled over my remaining lifetime. After that, the aliens are going to kidnap me away from Earth to their paradise of alien virgins.

Now, here lies the crux of the essence of the problem. It has a very easy answer. But it cannot be etched as the list is too long. The pages keeps growing everyday. I had begun to write a bestseller book on "100 Things To Do Before I Die". Suddenly, I read the Hitchhiker's Guide, suffer an excruciating writer's block and I had to add a zero to 100. The Zero addition hasn't stopped hence.

Enough of bakwaas. Here are the top 6 desires. There are millions more, but they need some breathing space from the capricious me.
  1. Tech Entrepreneur: The schizophrenic geekiness in me seeks to become a tech evangelist. Bill Uncle aka Windows Uncle, Jobs Uncle aka Apple Uncle and Larry Uncle aka Google Uncle run helter-skelter after seeing me in competition. Possibility not too far in the horizon. Its not even close to the horizon. Just an year away from it hopefully.
  2. Write A Book: Another block had stopped me from doing this. My 10 page prologue is still awaiting further streaks and dashes of vocabulary. But it has to be scribbled at all costs. When it is complete, all that is required is to force a few friends to read it - pure third degree torture. What follows after they read it cannot be disclosed here.
  3. Trek and Climb mountains: Alas, my current work has ruined my yearly pilgrimage to the Himalayas - specifically Everest planned for November. But it will be conquered till the Advanced Base Camp someday. And of course, there are a lot other mountains lasciviously wanting to experience me - other than the Kanchenzonga - up, close and personal like K2, Mont Blanc, Kilimanjaro, Nanga Parbat, McKinley etc.
  4. Symphony Violinist: Been enthused by the violin all my life and even learnt it for a while. Will need a huge effort to appear on stage with this sexy instrument and just sway along to the tunes of the conductor smoothly. Messrs Zubin Mehta, are you listening? You better not, if you want to keep earning.
  5. Wildlife Photographer: The Serengeti will beckon me someday and my future Nikon D80 should capture the most exquisite pictures. Most of them will have yawning creatures.
  6. Art Movie Director: After watching countless art movies and foreign cinema, directing one will be huge pleasure. Certainly, it will be in black and white, with a lot of abstract dialogues, a 5 minute imagery of a man just thinking, a few aesthetic nudes and so on. No wonder sadistically, the Censor Board will have a painful time reviewing it.
That is enough for today. The book of a million dreams will be out soon to find out more. Ensure your donations come to me.

Current mood: Desperately trying to extricate himself from the tag. Thanks Annie!

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Saturday, September 15, 2007


My iris moves left and right. Confusion? Maybe. But the nerves respond back- Hey mister, you are never supposed to be like this. So the confusion is extricated out.

I try to invoke the sparkle. It might just burst out - laughing. Or maybe crying. Sadistically. It is being tried for the first time. Eulogies might flow. Draining themselves in the aftermath. I still try. Who knows? The nerves might be right.

The ring still echoes. Quixotically. It is ridiculing me. Blood impulses shudder at the thought. Red screams all around it. Ears playing tricks? Chromophobia can never get the color into this avatar. Audible hegemony is incumbent.

The floating never ceases to stop. Immortality is a pea's throw away. There, my alter-ego yearns to love me. The stratosphere thinks this is enough and throws me in the vortex of an endless abyss. Life never ceases to live.

I am insane.

I close my eyes. The iris fades to white, the sparkle gets rekindled, the ring stops its cacophony and the floating floats.

Its time to dream and be sane.


Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Beach Story

The moon went into hiding. Shy was drenched all over it. Digesting so much love was cumbersome for it to grapple with.

The clouds had come in at the right time. But they won't aid it for long. In minutes, the agony of having so many unloved scars on its surface with hurt it again. The Sea of Tranquility with its massive desolation will scream the most.

Millions of miles below, the two are at the beach thinking how life has given them what they wanted. Each other. Eyeing the gorgeous moon sneaking behind the clouds, they look at each other again. And kiss again.

The frothy waves turn a bit dark with the sudden absence of light. But they cannot lose their color. They were too overwhelmed witnessing the romanticism played out on the beach. The moonlight might shimmer on them and make them look pretty - to no avail. They roar to their best - to no avail. They still couldn't find a partner.

Another kiss later, he extracts a bottle from his rucksack. Old Monk. The finest Rum. This orgasmic moment of happiness should never be forgotten. A toast, a sip later, they again kiss. Time freezes again.

The moon looks onto the waves. The waves look up to the moon. Maybe there is really something called Love, they silently chuckle.

Totally fictional! Hopefully non-fictional someday!

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