Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Adios 2008

My structure runs on time. Dates hold important memories. Recollecting moments that hold significance and their anniversaries comes naturally. Boring like that Dil Chahta Hai guy. But that's me. As most blogs go, this post is a reflection of the theme of the times.

What were italicized and bold this year?

1. It is worthwhile to hit the rock-bottom of the abyss. Soul needs mending. Lessons to be learned. It's for the good.

2. Happiness is a state of mind. Optimism and motivation are inherently linked to it. Staying happy is one's own decision.

3. Love thyself. But equally love those who matter.

4. Be tolerant of everything. No two think similarly.

5. Life need not follow the same old sequential path

6. Goals and dreams drive the pursuit for excellence.

7. Traveling adds meaning to life. Each experience can be exhilarating.

8. War and hate breeds a spiral cacophony of violence. History has never witnessed success for the "eye for an eye" jingoism.

9. Music is a balm.

10. No media is unbiased.

Ending this year on a semi-introspective note here.

Physically, in solitude in the ruins of Hampi.

A wonderful 2009 to you all.

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Monday, December 22, 2008


The rustle of time.
A tick here, a tick there.

The itch continues.
And it rubs hard.

The pain will die.
Pleasure to linger.

Pebbles stay round.
Let the water figure.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008


Fly me to the Moon, and to Venus and to Jupiter
Taken with my Nikon D80


The Journal Story

Submitted it for a flash fiction contest on Livejournal. And made it to the top 100. Tres tres happy!

I live therefore I am.

I have seen it all. Conception in lonely times. Nature's fury. Almost freezing to death. Grotesque creatures. Water. Smelly places. Mutations. Flight. Intelligence. Brown. Journal.

In the next 450 words, my autobiography is succinctly explained. The future is uncertain. But optimistic.

I owe my birth to an amoeba. It needed me - a cell to survive. I was too glad to help. Sometime soon though, it got bored of me and broke me off into two. Reason he gave me: dude...need to go this. Gotta spread the genes.

One fine day, I got gobbled by a slimy tentacled hydra. It was funny the way it happened. And know what, all my subsequent hosts believed they were handsome.Ask me for Christ's sake? Ohh wait, Christ comes later in the story!

Evolved into a crude spiky puny fish who thought it was huge. Entered the guts of a salmon. Polar bear. Dinosaur. Mammoth. Hyena. You name it. Every living creature's deepest "gut" secret I know.

Meteor came. Things were screwed. I lay decomposed. Probably would have died a natural death. Guess I had some will-power though. Gotta spread the genes, you know.

Ice age came. Water rose. Brrrrr. Would have been engulfed forever under ice. My saviour turned out to be a silly old sea weed. He was nice unlike anyone I ever saw. I still celebrate the anniversary of our integration.

Life changed. Warmth around. Was shuttled around between planktons, fishes, whales, octopuses, squid (the one-eyed funny ones), shrimps. Until I entered birds. And I loved them for their flight. It was cool to be a part of an eagle's wing. Saw the world with an eagle eye's view. Pun intended!

Discovered man after he thought eating a dodo's eggs was in vogue. Men are serious capricious guys. You never know what they are up to. And yeah that Christ guy I talked about - he apparently was some sort of messiah. Realized it while residing in someone's brain. Him and others like Allah, Krishna, Buddha were these alpha dudes whom my hosts always thought of and were willing to fight for. Wish I were part of those. Maybe some distant cousin of mine got to feel them.

Here's also an axiom from my experience. Men are eternal flirts. Women are eternal attention-seeking! Not eating my words.

From man, I moved to flora through a hermit who died in the Himalayas. Grew big into a tree. Could see beautiful snow capped peaks around. Ahh, life was so beautiful. Until I was cut one day and put into a shredder. An interesting avatar evolved. I became paper.

So it ends here that I am a paper in a journal. I will be written on soon by a historian who wants to etch on me an encyclopedia of evolution on Earth. Right from the first cell. From me.

I smirk. Maybe its joy. Life has turned full circle. What a long quirky journey! Isn't it?

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Returning back

Back after a loooooooong time. The writing juices continue to invigorate me. And found it imperative to continue on this blog. After all its home.

What follows are the few blog posts I chittered the past few months :)