Saturday, October 14, 2006

My Experiments with Life

Time, not age, is taking its toll on me. There are so many beautiful and esoteric things to explore and appreciate, but there is so less time this world has to offer us. I tried to change the wall clock's settings back by an hour - to no avail. I have hence decided to jump into the whirlpool and compiled the "101 things to do before I die". I have begun to experiment with life lately. Trying to indulge myself in a melting pot of hobbies other than what my 45 hour a week work schedule - trying to make mobile phones enrich relationships faster and better - allows.

The first and the more important experiment involves upgrading Blogging 1.0 to Blogging 2.0. I started off with blogging as an experiment and as I progressed, realised that there's more to me than just writing gibberish. Being a dreamer helps. It helped me write stories. To some, they are boring while for some, there is a lot of humane perception in them. Methinks, there are very few stories which carry a universal appeal. The crux is storytelling is an extension of myself which I wanted to explore. I have begun writing a story, the residue of which will be in the form of a book a few months down the line. A foggy flowchart is ready in my mind. Just littering words on a canvas remains. Of course, this activity will be a background "daemon" process over my hectic work schedule.

The other experiment will be in exploring the genre of world cinema. I have been lately catching some amazing cinematic works. These are not the stereotypical Hollywood types. These boggle, stun and awe the mind into submission. Ever heard of Tarkovsky, Kurosawa, Bergman etc. Just watch one of their movies and you might stop watching the regular Hollywood fare. Here is a good link to start with. And if you want to grapple with the highest rated movies of all time, check this link.

And how can I forget music. The soul of planet Earth - I wonder the fate of humans if music didn't exist. If you ever get a chance, tune up to the likes of Beethoven, Mozart, Bach etc. Plus the classico modern compositions of Yanni. Being a violin aficianado, I have to add the name of Paganini the great and the man in his present avatar - Itzhak Perlman. Someday, I will blog on one composition of his that is so synonymous with humanism.

Lastly, travelling always gives me that ephemeral joy of achieving Nirvana. This weekend, am leaving for a place which will synergise me with the mountains. The 6-day trek on the holy Kanchenjunga should make me forget all the ills of the world; it should be the perfect tryst with nature - a oneness with the elements of Earth. I should find my book's canvas here, relate to Tarkovsky's Zerkalo here and synch to Mozart here.

Friday, October 06, 2006

The Jungle Story

Chirp Chirp. Sunday morning. The crimson sun broke through the innumerable irritants on the way to touch the soft soil. And as it did so, it invigorated the spirits of the innumerable flora that traverses this landscape. The black canvas of the dark was splattered with varied multicolored hues - green being the dominant one.

Its been like this since time started ticking.

I woke up from my deep reverie. I had such a fascinating dream last night. Dreams of desire, a mate, food and a life of satisfaction and pride. Well, seldom do dreams come true!

My limbs really ached and needed some stretching. I stood out in the sun and gave my body a real hard jerk, tweaking out every muscle to perfection. The soft warmth of the sun and the pure 22% of oxygen air catalysed the orgasmic sense of pleasure in my soul. Life in the forest is primal and unadultered joy. No artificial contents added.

I trudged past a few shrubs and found the perfect spot. Shed off all inhibitions and littered the place with the liquids and solids of my innards. What a relief !

The moment seemed so perfect. Bright blue skies, a pleasant November breeze and no one to stop me from plunging into the river and enjoying a nice long bath. Now that Mama's not around, its my life!

I left Mama just a month back. It had been too much of a problem bearing her whims. Don't go here, don't go there. I wanted to live life by my terms and could not take her orders for long. A long discussion ensued and I broke off. She never tried to stop me, because as I understand, she was proud to see me take this step. However, now that I recollect that moment, in that pride I could find a hidden tear. That moment really hurts my tiny brain, now that there is no one to love me. I wish I could find her again and throw a surprise that her son has become emotionally mature enough to miss her. I wish...I wish...

I buried my head into the cold water to extricate those memories from my mind at present. I just could not afford not to miss such a wonderful day.

An hour passed. Two hours passed. Suddenly, through the corner of my eye, I see a flutter in the bamboo undergrowth. Holy Sher Khan! But is that a tigress? Days like these are hard to come by. A babe tigress with a lustrous skin ambles past and just chills out near the pond.

Gawd! She knows she is in my territory. She knows I am ogling at her and she is so cool about it. I think she likes me. Of course, she is justified. She could never ever find a strong virile male with long whiskers, bold skin tones and a good sense of humor. Will she be the one, I've been waiting for?

I rush out of the water and move towards the beauty. She eyed me - infact that was a very lascivious look. I move around her, smell her and the Tigerympic games began.

Three hours passed. She let out a large growl and headed back to where she came from. There goes my sex bomb, carrying with her my future.

All that effort was really draining and a baby Sambar could be the right dose. More spicy would be an adult Sambar. Apologies for my humor. I moved my ass up and headed towards Kankwari Fort in the middle of the Reserve. Those mammals love being there, despite my countless attacks and can never figure out my attack strategy. I loitered on a thin trail leading to the Fort.

Suddenly, out of the blue emerge two human creatures with a long stick-like thing in hand. It was directly pointed at me. I let out a ferocious growl. How dare these cretins invade my territory? I was about to pounce on them, when a loud noise accompanied by a stone like thing hit me in my guts. My body was ruptured in a second and blood oozed out in heavy spurts. Before I could scream further, my eyes grew dim. But before it went dark, I saw her...lying behind those humans' sex bomb. Dead! As I began my fast journey towards death, a lot of moments flashed before me - Mama licking my face showering all her love, me yapping at my mother's nipples, gorging on my first ever prey, celebrating my victorious fight with a competing tiger and finally, the moments I spent with my sex bomb. Did it have to end this way today? Why me? Why her?

Eyes Wide Shut.

Chirp. Chirp. It was evening in the Sariska Tiger Reserve.

Its been like this since time started ticking.

There is no other beautiful creature to roam this planet! And you wouldn't see it in an another 20 years.

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