Thursday, February 18, 2010

Transitions of joy

Faint clouds of balloons eking out a sigh of air barely visible with the naked steamy eyes. A drop of rain accompanied with the smell of wet earth. The rustle of the midnight shrubs with the toads croaking berserk. The satisfaction of a tramp gulping the first morsel. The fecundity of a mother caressing the first abdominal lump. The unlimited vistas devoured atop a mountain. The eternal wait for the returning muse. The childhood scrapbook The rhythm of sound hypnotizing every audible cell. The hidden tear that rejoices with every act of humanism. The shooting star that wishes to make a comeback. The drowsy cup of invigorating tea that is strained out into a mug. Tom hurt yet graceful in defeat against Jerry. The first red rose exchanging hands without any hesitation. The nail-biting finish erupting in a hurray. The final Cadbury chunk that melts all around the palate. The cliched ending "..and they lived happily ever after". The continuous feet lashed by the evening waves. The fulfilling of a dream before being woken up. The sweeping comfort accrued by a nomad in a different culture. The rendezvous of a pen with paper scribbling over the absence.

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