Thursday, June 28, 2007

Jumping Dancing Jack

I did the most inexplicable, the most unimaginable, the most ridiculous thing that I had ever done in my life: DANCE in front of a live audience!

I am like a walking-talking robot who still hasn't been programmed to jig smoothly. Or think of a Physical Training instructor, who teaches kids to exercise - all his life, he's been too stiff to be nimble with his arms and legs. One fine day, you ask one such robot or a PT instructor to "rock n roll". Yeah. I heard a lotta gasps.

It was a minor guest appearance role as a dancer. But I had to sweat and slog myself out to do that 1 min role. No doubt, the means is always better than the end: it was helluva fun to learn to dance. Add to that, making new friends: my fellow dancers being unknown entities a week back. As the team gelled over a resort outing at Arnala, the unknowns transmogrified into relative knowns (A water rugby game played a major role in this mutation). The dance idea popped up from somewhere. With 24 hours left for the show, I was dragged in - to my horror. But I am so glad they did that.

Cleared the Dancing 101 course.

Read up Leo Tolstoy's short story "After The Dance". A dark and a sweet one. I liked his writing style - maybe Anna Karenina someday!


Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Life Of Me

Je suis back after quite a while. A conked keyboard and an exasperating customer side issue made matters worse. Better late than never.

A few moments that were missed by this diary:

1. Embarked on this wonderful roadtrip along the Mumbai Goa coastline, some three weeks back. My beloved little car throttled upto an amazing 1000 kms over 3 days (with me driving most of the time) and was treated with a mindboggling landscape, sun-kissed, white-sand, private beaches with glistening blue waters. Feels a lot better, when you run away from the madding crowds and just randomly park your car on a secluded beach to swim off. I would term it a "cubicle" trip and not an out-of cubicle one. Why? Coz the trip counted 3 other cubicle-mates. Yeah. we have the coolest cubicle (of 4) in the entire office. There is never a moment of sadness...smiles abound...and we rock all the time. The trip snaps here.

2. I entered the Francois Truffaut zone after a tryst with his 1953 classic "The 400 Blows". And it was awe-inspiring. Had been watching a lot of Kubrick, Kurosawa stuff along with some eclectic movies. I have begun to develop this as a hobby - to devour the best in world cinema. Subtitles make it really easier. And it has really been a pleasurable experience. Makes the current generation of even decent movies seem masala crap. Takes you higher in the intellectual fiefdom scale. For starters, the South American based "The Motorcycle Diaries" and the French "13 Tzameti" gives you the perfect introduction of how this kind of cinema can crank you to think. For a list of this wonderful genre, check this out. Of course, I still love a few Hollywood ones - Aronofsky's "Requiem for a Dream", "PI" and "The Fountain".

3. On the movie note, I watch Rajnikant's "Sivaji - The Boss" first day first show - something which am proud of - something which gives me the power to boast of - something which very few people in this world have done. I had never had a better time in my whole quarter-life, while watching a masal movie. I do not understand Tamil, despite being a half Tam. But Rajni's histrionics makes up for it. And the hysterical crowds made it super memorable with all the hoots, whistles and their total devotion to Thalaivar - Super Star Rajni. A toast to him to give one and all, a sense momentary happiness. Be it rich or poor.

4. On the work front, its been generally too strenous to talk about. Leaving for home at 1 am seems to have become the norm. I try too hard to push myself to the limit, in the process giving up on other things that need attention. I have known myself to be a workaholic. But the lengths that am going is hurting myself and I believe I need to calm down. Hoping to change myself on this front. As an aside, am really fortunate to be working with the current team. There is an amazing team-spirit which makes it so easier to work and have fun. Again, a toast to each of them.

5. The rains are just around the corner. And it takes my happiness rating to a higher level. I do hate the puddles and the perfectly circled potholes. But why blame the monsoon? The tiny droplets are too poetic and luscious to be cursed. Uhh...lemme see, if I can scribble a few bad lines on my favorite season.

Gloom sets in his eyes, tears abound within
Despair runs through, the heart
is screaming
He looks upto the sky, pleading for change
The sun smirks,
there is no respite my friend

Far in the horizon, they hear
the tragic tale
They may be dark, but make great
All wishes are granted, as they cover the sun's fury
And pour
out in all their glory, erasing all the misery

6. I have been thinking to take some social cause after my Greenpeace membership expired. This time, I wish to be closely associated with educating socially deprived kids. An update on that soon.

7. I can't stop listening to "Waiting On The World To Change" by John Mayer. Great song to begin one's day. Of course, no one creates magic like The Beatles.

8. Super excited about the upcoming Everest Base Camp trek in October-November. Have done the basic research and have fallen in love (finally) - with Everest. The trek would take up an enchanting two weeks and I have my best pals - Anup and Ram - for company.

Guess, I need to update more frequently to avoid such long boring posts:)